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  • H7 Xenon bulb
    H7 Xenon bulb

    Up to 130% more light on the road Direct replacement fit – no wiring changes See more clearly – brighter hotspot Stylish look – silver tip and bright white light Road legal – ‘E’ marked UV cut – suitable for use in plastic headlight Always replace in pairs.

  • Car Shadow light Audi
    Car Shadow light Audi

    The item can directly replace the original door light.Easy of installation .Not require to drill a hole or dismantle the door of the car ,no breaking of car.High Brightness LED, Power Consumptions Savage. 3W high power LED, high efficiency and stable performance. Very clear projection picture, no distortion. Sold in a pack of 2 pcs.

  • 24 Inch Metal Frame Wiper blade
    24 Inch Metal Frame Wiper blade

    With the Super Plus Blade Carall has redefined innovation with a design that combines optimal wiping efficiency with maximum convenience. Superbly effective with Universal fitment provides improved visability. Sold in a pack of 2 pcs.

  • Engine Surface Degreasor
    Engine Surface Degreasor

    The product is specially formulated to remove dirt, smudge and grease on complex surfaces of the engine effectively without hurt paint film, rubber and plastic parts. it can protect the engine and make the engine look like new. Sold in a can of 500ml.

  • 400 Amp Booster Cable
    400 Amp Booster Cable

    Great value jump lead booster cables. Long Life Braided High Amperage Copper Core. With Colour Coded Outer PVC Sleeve And Chrome Plated Steel Clamps For Strength. Easy to connect to side post or top post batteries.

  • Fragrant basket bio oil air freshener
    Fragrant basket bio oil air freshener

    Cleans out odour & send out fresh air fragrance, used in the car , at home or office.

  • Steering Wheel Cover Black
    Steering Wheel Cover Black

    Soft and comfy grip, for increased comfort whilst driving. Black in colour, for a sleek look. Fits most steering wheels. JG420

  • Inspection Working Light
    Inspection Working Light

    This working light is ideal for Roadside Emergencies, workshop and garages,camping etc.

  • 800 Amp Booster Cable
    800 Amp Booster Cable

    Booster Cable with fully insulated clamps. 3M Lenght Cable. Suitable for petrol and diesel engines upto 3500 cc.

  • 501 Led Bulb Cree
    501 Led Bulb Cree

    Innovative designs , prevents Bulb warning errors Easy Installations , simple plug & play.

  • 239 36mm Led bulb
    239 36mm Led bulb

    36mm high power led bulb.These are designed to turn your current yellow/orange halogen bulbs into a crisp and clean white light, using minimal power thanks to SMD LED technology. Remember these can be installed in various locations in and around your vehicle, from number plate lights, interior lights and even glove box/boot lights - and that's just to mention a few. These may even fit in smaller or larger festoon holders, all dependent on the holder itself as most are flexible.

  • Day time Running Light
    Day time Running Light

    Our Daylight solution stays on day and night. During the day, LED Daylight makes cars more visible and more rapidly detectable by the drivers of other vehicles or pedestrians moving in the opposite direction, which, as a whole, increases road safety & reduce accidents .The system automatically dims at night. Available in a set of 2 pcs.

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