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  • D3S Hid Bulb
    D3S Hid Bulb

    High Lumen Long Lasting.

  • 501 Led Bulb Can bus
    501 Led Bulb Can bus

    These Led bulbs are designed for modern vehicles that use the CAN BUS system, where normal led bulbs will fail, and show errors on the on board computer, these bulbs by-pass that issue. Result - clear bright white light as opposed to the dull yellow lights you have at the moment. Sold in pack of 2 pcs.

  • H7 Xenon bulb
    H7 Xenon bulb

    Up to 130% more light on the road Direct replacement fit – no wiring changes See more clearly – brighter hotspot Stylish look – silver tip and bright white light Road legal – ‘E’ marked UV cut – suitable for use in plastic headlight Always replace in pairs.

  • 24 Inch Metal Frame Wiper blade
    24 Inch Metal Frame Wiper blade

    With the Super Plus Blade Carall has redefined innovation with a design that combines optimal wiping efficiency with maximum convenience. Superbly effective with Universal fitment provides improved visability. Sold in a pack of 2 pcs.

  • 400 Amp Booster Cable
    400 Amp Booster Cable

    Great value jump lead booster cables. Long Life Braided High Amperage Copper Core. With Colour Coded Outer PVC Sleeve And Chrome Plated Steel Clamps For Strength. Easy to connect to side post or top post batteries.

  • Steering Wheel Cover Black
    Steering Wheel Cover Black

    Soft and comfy grip, for increased comfort whilst driving. Black in colour, for a sleek look. Fits most steering wheels. JG420

  • Day time Running Light
    Day time Running Light

    Our Daylight solution stays on day and night. During the day, LED Daylight makes cars more visible and more rapidly detectable by the drivers of other vehicles or pedestrians moving in the opposite direction, which, as a whole, increases road safety & reduce accidents .The system automatically dims at night. Available in a set of 2 pcs.

  • A166 55W Canbus Hid Kit
    A166 55W Canbus Hid Kit

    Up to 400% more crisp light over a standard bulb. High quality components with low failure rate. 1 year warranty covering all components. Plug and play installation (typically 60 mins). Digital ballast technology. Available in H7,H1,H4,H11,9005 & 9006 bulbs

  • 16
    16" Multi functional wiper blade

    Our Multi functional wiper blade significantly increases the wiping quality improving visibility, longer lasting product life and every wipe is decisively less noisy than traditional wiper blades.

  • 5W 30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 5L
    5W 30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 5L

    - Fully Synthetic - 5 Litres - Engine Oil for Petrol & Diesel Engine Vehicles.

  • Speaker Cable
    Speaker Cable

    -80 meter per roll. -high quality.

  • Q5 Headlight Led bulb H7
    Q5 Headlight Led bulb H7

    -High power 6000k White Light. The latest technology to ensure perfect beam pattern without any dark spot or foggy light. -These led headlight bulb can be installed quickly , plug & play. -3600 LM 12v 45w. -Available in H7,H1,H4,H11,9005,9006,9012 & H8 bulbs.

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